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Our property service is devoted to the needs of the private client. We advise on the buying, selling or transfer of residential property, both urban and rural. We also advise on leases and letting agreements, matters of landlord and tenant law and on all aspects of planning.


Our practice provides a comprehensive legal service in the area of commercial property industry including:

  • Development

  • Leasing

  • Planning

  • Licencing


Our clients include private investors, developers and companies.We provide advice on property taxation, property finance, construction, and  planning law. If, for tax or other reasons, a property deal is being structured as a corporate sale, our experience also extends to those transactions in which property forms a major part but where the structures are not characterised as real estate deals in the traditional sense.

Residential and Commercial Property



Company and Insolvency



Our Corporate service is most effective when viewed as an integral part of your commercial and financial planning. We aim to develop a close understanding of each client's business and on developing a relationship which enables us to give advice that is consistent with your company's plans and practices.

We have vast experience in corporate law including all types of commercial contracts, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. 


We provide advice and support to insolvency practitioners, creditors, directors and shareholders on the full range of corporate recovery and insolvency issues. We have worked extensively with companies and have an in-depth understanding of these particular issues .




Good employment working relationships are a vital component of successful business

We assist and advise a broad range of businesses on all issues of individual and collective employment relations. We work closely with our clients advising on strategic and operational HR issues in order to maintain good employment relationships. 

We help to build and maintain the HR structures and relationships that our clients need to succeed. 

We advise on all areas of conflict resolution and attend at the Employment Appeals Tribunal and Labour Court where necessary.


Our focus is on resolving disputes whether by way of litigation, mediation, arbitration or negotiation.  

In consultation with our clients, we apply our experience and knowledge of the law in developing a strategy for tackling disputes in a manner best suited to the needs of each client.

*In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


Wills and Estates

We provide a strictly confidential, and aim to provide a courteous and helpful service, to the highest professional standards. 

Our range of specialist advice includes:

  • Wills/Legal Audit 

  • Tax Planning 

  • Conveyancing and Property Transactions 

  • Probate Administration 

  • Charities 


Wills/Administration of Estates 

The importance of planning the distribution of your estate to meet the needs of your family cannot be overemphasised. We aim to provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of will-making and administration of Estates. 

We encourage our client to make periodic review of their affairs to cater for changes in either the law or personal circumstances. 

A fundamental concern of the private client is the fast and efficient administration of their affairs after their death. 

We deal with all matters concerning the issue of probate and the administration of estates, both for our own clients and for other professionals requiring advice on aspects of Irish law. 



We advise on the legal aspects of setting up and running charities and on obtaining charitable status for taxation purposes.

Wills and Estates

Debt Recovery

Managing credit control is always a priority for business owners and managers.

We provide a streamlined service from sending demands through to issuing proceedings, obtaining judgement and enforcement both in Defended and undefended matters .

We represent individuals and Business of all sizes.

Debt Recovery


We provide comprehensive Advices on Licensing Matters including all Applications before the District and Circuit Courts relating to Publican's Licensing requirements:



  • Ad Interim Transfers

  • Confirmation of Transfers

  • Renewal of Licences

  • Dance licences

  • Occassional Licences

  • Restaurant Licences

  • Music and Singing Licences.

  • Special and General Exemption Orders



  • Applications for New/replacement Licenses.

  • Declaratory Orders

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